I am Karmalogist™, Spiritual Life Coach, Astro Counselor and Napoo Healer, from several years I am working against orthodox belief systems and superstitions. I have done a deep research in spirituality. My interest in Spiritualism, first started when I was a kid of nine years. My work & knowledge has been appreciated by saints & intellectuals. I have done programs with Pragya TV channel.

I do not predict as an astrologer but I do tell for coming days, months or years according to consequences of karma which I read through god gifted sixth sense. I came to know about my developed intuition when I got feedback from many people. . I tell home-based Spiritual methods for all kind of sufferings and problems.
I write & teach logic based concepts after a deep research, I have also written thousands of quotes, hundreds of articles on spiritualism in print media & electronic media some are available on youtube; I have written many books some of which are “from Zero to salvation” , “Wisdom through Quotes”, “PRET GYAAN”, “Guru”, “Nirakaar se Moksh Tak”, ” PREM SWARTH HAI”, “ Aisa Kyon Hota Hai !” “ RahasyaGyaan” “Moksh ka Rahasya” available on amazon as ebook.
Since 2004, I have been providing online & personal counselling to people who are misguided by superstitions and orthodox beliefs and searching for the real answers on worldly or spiritual problems. I have benefited thousands of people in India and abroad.
My Intention :
I am committed to selfless action and giving back to community.
I am passionate about teaching Karma and sharing its many benefits. By imparting Karma knowledge
I am helping to enhance the lives of others and especially those living in our community.
My Mission :
To share knowledge about every Spiritual subject and enhance people’s lives.
To build community and encourage selfless action through sharing the knowledge of Karma.
To open Spiritual Centre in major cities around the world so that I can share this inward revolution of selfless giving.
My Video Film :
from Zero to Salvation – This film is a reflection of my spiritual journey and research about mystery of universe. Through this film people will understand logical secrets of almighty.
My Counseling Areas : 
Karma Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Astro Counseling, Personal Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Emotional Counseling, Life Counseling, Confusion Counseling, Symptoms Counseling, Superstitions Counseling, Fear Counseling, Dreams Counseling, Evil Eye Counseling, etc.
My NGO : Serve & Care Charitable Society, running since 2009 for under privilege  and old people in New Delhi, INDIA.
My College : Imparting spiritual education to create a religion-free world.

I assist whenever you are Confused, Depressed or Scared.
M: (+91) 9811677316